Awaken the skeletons, build your legion of undead, eat pizza, collect lavalamp, and enter the gate of pentagram.

Procedural generated dungeon (roguelike) meets shooter. 2 mode: normal and nightmare. Nightmare has hunger system.

You are a necromancer and your goal is to build army of skeletons and enter the gate. Each skeletons must have their own lavalamp as a key to enter the gate. Beware of dogs! They love bone and will most likely to steal yours. Don’t starve to death, eat some pizza. In nightmare mode, don’t forget to feed your skeletons or they’ll go back to sleep. Btw, every dungeon is unique, so there’s no need to memorize it.

W,A,S,D - shoot 
Left Click OR arrow keys - move 
Space - feed your skeletons (Nightmare mode)
Right Click - take lavalamp & pizza, awaken then skeleton, put skeleton to sleep, enter the gate, disarm trap
G - enter gate when in range
C - collect items (lavalamp & pizza) automatically when in range

Note: the more skeletons you awaken, the more food you need, the more lavalamp you need to get. 


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I really dig the idea of controlling an army of bumbling skeletons. Shame they don't really do anything aside from follow you around.